One to One Paste

BRAND New Range


Paste Made Easy!

Mixing traditional paste has never been easy, but One to One Paste solves this problem, providing the perfect paste mix every single time thanks to the simplest of formulas, just add one pot of water to one pot of powdered paste mix. Available in nine great flavours, every bag also comes supplied with a free Preston Innovations Paste Pot, an essential addition to an anglers paste fishing armoury that allows for perfect delivery of your feed and paste hookbait every time. 

The best way to use your paste is to take the size you would like to use and roll it into a ball, put your thumb in the middle to make an indentation and put the hook in the thumb print, fold the paste over the hook and mould round the hook, this is then ready to place in the pot.

Included in each bag of One to One Paste is a free paste pot designed to ship out the paste on the pole. These have been designed by Andy Findlay and he recommends that you place a few Fin Perfect Feed Pellets in the bottom of the pot before shipping out to help feed your swim.

CODE Description Size Flavour
S0840001 One to One Paste Bloodworm Fishmeal N/A Bloodworm Fishmeal
S0840002 One to One Paste F1 N/A F1
S0840003 One to One Paste Green N/A Fishmeal
S0840004 One to One Paste Krill N/A Krill
S0840005 One to One Paste Natural N/A Fishmeal
S0840006 One to One Paste Supercrush Green N/A Supercrush Green
S1840014 NEW  One To One Paste Chocolate Orange 500g Chocolate Orange
S1840013 NEW  One To One Paste Banoffee 500g Banoffee
S1840012 NEW  One To One Paste Power Scopex 500g Scopex