Tom Forrester


PB Carp: 65lbs 12 ozs - Rainbow Lake (France)tom-forrester.jpg
Favourite Venue:  Cassien (Lac De Saint Cassien)
Favourite Tactic: I do enjoy boat angling as is often the case abroad, but that said I enjoy every aspect of fishing, floater fishing is a real favourite.
Favourite Sonubaits Product: F1 Corn

Angling History:
Having fished since I could walk, angling has encompassed every aspect of my life ever since. Starting on the rivers catching barbel and pike before realising my real passion, carp angling. My life has always revolved around fishing be it working in tackle shops, bait making, fisheries right up to present day where I work on product development with Avid Carp.

Angling Ambitions: To keep on loving it!!!!