Rob Thompson


My angling journey started out on my local river fishing for anything that came robthompson.jpgalong, though my thirst for knowledge meant that I devoured any reading that came my way and I was inspired greatly by the writings of Tony Miles and also by John Wilson's Go Fishing program, the seeds of an all-rounder were set.

By my mid-teens the carp bug had firmly taken hold and I spent most of the next fifteen years fishing exclusively for the species but eventually I was drawn back to that river that it had all started on and I found myself wondering what I had been missing.

From that day I really have never looked back, variety truly is the spice of life and I now enjoy fishing for all species using a multitude of different methods and on venues across the country, I really do thank my lucky stars that I didn't remain a one species angler as you miss out on so much.

Much as I enjoy fishing all kinds of venues from inland sea's to ancient estate lakes my heart belongs to the smaller rivers and I'm never happier than when sitting behind a quiver tip waiting for the next perch or chub to make a mistake or when stalking barbel under the rod tip in gin clear water.

As a kid I was fortunate enough to have one or two experienced anglers who were always willing to help me out and that memory has stuck with me. I am now a level two qualified angling coach and I love passing on my knowledge and passion for the sport to others. I am also heavily involved in the running of my local club. It's good to put something back into the sport that has become a huge part of my life.