Dai Gribble


Dai has been fishing for over 40 years and for the last 30 years has daigribble.jpgtargeted big fish of most species. He's considered one of the best big tench and bream anglers in the business but is just as at home on rivers and canals fishing for any species. Dai is always on the hunt for new waters that may contain big fish, and his ability to research venues with big fish potential has stood him in good stead throughout his angling journey.

My name is Dai Gribble and I live in Stafford. I’ve been fishing for over forty years, having first cast a line on the Great Ouse in Bedford at the age of five. From that first trip I was hooked and after an apprenticeship on local ponds and canals by my late teens I had become interested in catching big fish.

Though I still enjoy fishing local waters I now travel further afield for much of my fishing. Over the course of most seasons I fish for a wide variety of fish on both stillwaters and rivers. I love setting myself a challenge and often find that once that challenge has been met I want to move on to another one. I like a spot of carp fishing but cannot understand how some angler’s only fish for carp – to me they are just another species!

I love targeting a variety of species and in the past couple of seasons have fished for barbel on the Trent and Dove, chub on the Upper Severn, perch on the Ouse, bream and tench from a variety of waters, pike on both lakes and rivers and stillwater rudd and roach.