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Soft Hookers

Perfect for the Pole, Waggler or Hair Rigging

Soft Hookers Main Image Soft Hookers Image 1 Soft Hookers Image 2 Soft Hookers Image 3 Soft Hookers Image 4 Soft Hookers Image 5 Soft Hookers Image 6 Soft Hookers Image 7 Soft Hookers Image 8 Soft Hookers Image 9 Soft Hookers Image 10 Soft Hookers Image 11 Soft Hookers Image 12 Soft Hookers Image 13 Soft Hookers Image 14 Soft Hookers Image 15 Soft Hookers Image 16 Soft Hookers Image 17 Soft Hookers Image 18 Soft Hookers Image 19 Soft Hookers Image 20 Soft Hookers Image 21
CODE Description
SSH/BW06 6mm - Soft Hooker Bloodworm Fishmeal
SSH/TF06 6mm - Soft Hooker Pellets Tiger Fish
SSH/TF08 8mm - Soft Hooker Pellets Tiger Fish
SSH/FMEAL06 6mm - Soft Hooker Pellets Fishmeal
SSH/FMEAL08 8mm - Soft Hooker Pellets Fishmeal
SSH/F106 6mm - Soft Hooker Pellets F1
SSH/F108 8mm - Soft Hooker Pellets F1
SSH/K06 6mm - Krill Soft Hooker Pellets
SSH/K08 8mm - Krill Soft Hooker Pellets
SSH/BW08 8mm - Soft Hooker Bloodworm Fishmeal
SSH/F1G06 6mm - Soft Hooker Pellets F1 Green
SSH/F1G08 8mm - Soft Hooker Pellets F1 Green

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Perfect for shallow fishing on a pole when getting lots of bites, excellent for waggler fishing with confidence knowing that they do not fall off on the cast. Can also be hair rigged when fishing with a feeder.

Soft Hookers have been labelled as the very best ready to use hookable pellet available, by anglers such as Des Shipp (England International) Paul Coyle (UK Champ) & Tommy Pickering (Former Word Champion). With our new and unique manufacturing process we can ensure that the pellets are consistently perfect without going mushy or drying out and crumbling. There are no chemical preservatives used in the process and so the fish can immediately tell the difference.

On the pole they are superb for fishing shallow for carp and F1’s because you can strike and they don’t come off, on the waggler they can be used with confidence as they will easily withstand the cast and are irresistible to all fish, and they can also be hair rigged and used on a method feeder.

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