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Paste Pellets

Paste Pellets are a pellet from Sonubaits which are made from paste.

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CODE Description
SPP/BGRILL N/A - Bacon Grill Paste Pellets
SPP/KRILL N/A - Krill Paste Pellets

There are 7 flavours currently in the range, Bacon Grill, Halibut, Fishmeal Catmeat, White Fish, Krill and Supercrush Green with added Betaine. These pellets are made from paste and so have all the properties and advantages of paste but in pellet form.

They can be squeezed and moulded to any shape required, and wrapped round baits and because they are made from paste they are easy to hook or hair rig.

They are the ideal soft bait which will match the feed of a fishmeal or halibut pellet and the Bacon Grill paste pellet is a big winner with everyone who fishes luncheon meat as it will offer the perfect hookbait.

Cat Meat is one of the most effective baits on commercial carp waters but not pleasant to fish. Developing the Cat Meat Paste we have kept the strong flavour but reduced the messy aspect of fishing. Being a pellet designed for fishing it is devastatingly effective on venues where cat meat is banned. It is also a useful hookbait when feeding cat meat.

White Fish is a new paste pellet perfect for all fish on commercial fisheries. The trend for white coloured baits is possibly due to the visual nature and as feed pellets become lighter in colour once they have been in water for a while these paste pellets will match them perfectly. The fishmeals and fish oils in the white fish paste pellets also increase their fish catching ability.

Supercrush Green with added Betaine is perfect when used in conjunction with our Supercrush Green Groundbait. an Excellent way to use them is to dip them in water, then dip them in Supercrush Green Groundbait, repeat the process a few times and the groundbait will stick round the paste pellet forming a cloud as soon as it enters the water. This method called the conker has been developed into a fine art by Andy Findlay.

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