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Halibut Pellets

What can you say about Halibut Pellets that has not been said before?

Halibut Pellets Main Image Halibut Pellets Image 1 Halibut Pellets Image 2 Halibut Pellets Image 3
CODE Description
SSHP/SS04 4mm - Spicy Sausage Halibut Pellets
SSHP/SS06 6mm - Spicy Sausage Halibut Pellets
SSHP/SS08 8mm - Spicy Sausage Halibut Pellets
4mm - Cheesy Garlic Halibut Pellets
6mm - Cheesy Garlic Halibut Pellets
8mm - Cheesy Garlic Halibut Pellets

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Well, not a lot to be honest but our 4, 6, 8,11,13,17 and 22mm halibuts are fresh, dark, oily and of the very highest quality.

Use them as loose feed, in PVA bags or scald them and mould them around method balls to give excellent attraction. The ideal complimentary feed to use with our Hali-Hookers!

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Here's some pictures, submitted by our team of
angling consultants.

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