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Code Red

A New concept in Boilies

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CODE Description
SCR/P12 12mm - Code Red Pop Ups
SCR/P15 15mm - Code Red Pop Ups
SCR/P18 18mm - Code Red Pop Ups
SCR/MW15 15mm - Code Red Mixed Wafters
SCR/MP15 15mm - Code Red Mixed Pop Ups
SCR/GLUG N/A - Code Red Glug
SCR/OIL N/A - Code Red Oil
SCR/W15 15mm - Code Red Wafters
SCR/OP15 15mm - Code Red Oozing Pop Ups
SCR/SC15 15mm - Code Red Super Chods
SCR/HDS N/A - Code Red Hardened Dumbells Small
SCR/HDL N/A - Code Red Hardened Dumbells Large
12mm - Code Red Boilie (1kg)
15mm - Code Red Boilie (1kg)
18mm - Code Red Boilie (1kg)
2mm - Code Red Pellets (1kg)
4mm - Code Red Pellets (1kg)
N/A - Code Red Bag Mix (1kg)

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Code Red is a new concept in boilies, lead by the demand for baits that work straight away we have developed a fresh bait which stays fresh meaning that it its attractants begin to release as soon as they are in the water and the ingredients in the boilie mean that it creates food signals until it is eaten or breaks down.

Lead by Ian Russell and Chris Lowe and their extremely high expectations we started working on a boilie which took three years of developing and field testing.

Their demands were a bait which could be taken to any water in the country and catch carp straight away, but also if they were to concentrate on a water then the boilie had to be a long term food bait which the carp would then treat as a high quality food source.

The baits needed to be convenient as both anglers would spend a lot of time on the bank and couldn't have the hassles associated with keeping frozen bait.

So the answer to this was to design a boilie from scratch, taking all the best features from a freezer bait and shelf life bait and combining the two to create a modified bait which would have the best quality ingredients to make the boilie but without the need to freeze or air dry to prevent it fromturning mouldy.

The high levels of liquid food attractors in Code Red boilies means they have the same texture as freezer baits and therefore the attractants and food signals start releasing straight away when the baits are in the water. The level of highly digestible ingredients including pre-digested fishmeal and liquid liver means the carp will recognise Code Red as a valuable food source and keep coming back for more.

Critically with the inclusion of precise levels of natural preservatives such as salt, sugar and oil along with modern tasteless and odourless preservatives used in the food industry we were able to create a bait which stays fresh, therefore no more freezers, air drying, rehydrating and throwing away mouldy boilies.   

The results have been astounding with big fish being caught from all the lakes they are being used on and also quantity of fish, it is not unusual for Ian Russell or Chris Lowe to catch 10 or more good carp in an overnight session and as the field testing has been going on they are catching more and more meaning that carp actively seek out Code Red.

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Code Red


Here are some images from our Gallery of Carp caught on Code Red.

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