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Band ums

Band’ums are various sized dumbell baits designed to be fished on the bait band.

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CODE Description
SBAND/P 7mm - 7mm Band'um Pineapple
SBAND/K 7mm - 7mm Band'um Krill
SBAND/WC 7mm - 7mm Band'um White Chocolate
SBB/KRILL 6mm - Semi-Buoyant Band'Ums Krill
SBB/WCHOC 6mm - Semi-Buoyant Band'Ums White Chocolate
SBB/PINE 6mm - Semi-Buoyant Band'Ums Pineapple
SMB/P 5mm - 5mm Band'um Pineapple
SMB/K 5mm - 5mm Band'ums Krill
SMB/WC 5mm - 5mm Band'ums White Chocolate
SBAG/P 9mm - 9mm Band'um Pineapple
SBAG/K 9mm - 9mm Band'um Krill
SBAG/WC 9mm - 9mm Band'um White Chocolate
5mm - 5mm Band'ums Pellet
9mm - 9mm Band'um Pellet
7mm - 7mm Band'um Pellet
6mm - Semi-Buoyant Band'ums Pellet

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The Band’um range is perfect for using with a bait band, their dumbell shape with bulbous ends means that they can be banded with ease using a Pellet Bander or Bait Bander and then it is difficult for the bait band to slip off or the hook bait to be pulled off by fish, which means more time fishing and less time rebaiting.
They are perfect for use on the Pole, Waggler or Feeder

These great little hook baits are available in seven flavours; Krill, Green, Tigerfish, Strawberry, Pineapple, White Chocolate and the new Salted Nut Crush and a good tip is to keep changing the colour of the Band’um until you find the one that the fish prefer on the day. Superb for Carp, Tench and Bream

Semi-Buoyant Bandums

These are a floating version of the Band’um, so the shape is the same which is perfect for banding with a Pellet Bander. The buoyancy of the bait will be counteracted by the weight of the hook, usually between a 16 and a 10 is the right size but it will depend on the pattern of hook used.

The advantage of these hook baits being semi buoyant and light weight in water is they will be the first thing to rise up into the fishes mouth when they suck the bait from the Method Feeder, this means quicker and more regular bites.

A top tip is using them on the splash waggler because with a little experimentation in hook size will mean that you can get them to drop through the feeding zone very slowly resulting in the bait being in the right area for longer.

Semi-Buoyant Band’um’s are available in Pineapple, Krill, Strawberry, White Chocolate and Salted Nut Crush, giving plenty of choice so you can find out which one works best on the day. A great hook bait for Carp, Tench and Bream

Mini and Baggin Band Ums

Choosing the right size of bait for your target fish is crucial no matter what bait you choose.
Band Ums have accounted for thousands of fish, but anglers and fish are ever evolving, and Sonubaits have responded with Band Ums to suit your fishing!

Bagging Band UmsBagging Band Ums do exactly what they say on the box!  They are designed for those days when big weights are on the cards.
It is no secret that big fish need big baits, and these new Bagging Band Ums don’t disappoint.
At 9mm in size they have a big visual effect, catching the eye of bigger fish, but too big for those nuisance fish that often get in the way.

A perfect change bait when fishing Bomb and Pellet, or fished on the pole when small fish are a problem.
They are perfectly balanced with a size 14 PR C1, don’t go too light with line strength tho as no doubt big fish will be on the cards.

Colour choice with big baits is critical, so Bagging bands come in popular choices, Yellow Pineapple, White Chocolate, Pink Krill, Red Bloodworm and the ever faithful F1.
Mini Band Ums

Hard match fished waters often result in wary fish. 
Our consultants demanded something for these more tricky combinations and the mini band um was an instant winner.

Match Anglers are always looking to put more fish in the net, often not fussy to what species that is!
These mini band ups offer the perfect alternatives.  At 5mm in size, bream, f1s and carp all seem to favour this more manageable bait.

Easy to hair rig on the New Dura Bands, a well balanced hook length of 0.13mm Reflo Powerline to a 18 Pr36 can be a winning combination.
Perfect with method, pellet feeder and banjo, this bait is sure to put more fish in your net.

Available in 5 winning flavours, Krill, Pineapple, Bloodworm, White Chocolate and F1.

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