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Bait Preparation Accessories

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CODE Description
S/BB N/A - Bagging Bucket
S/SB N/A - Spodding Bucket
S/GBS N/A - Nylon Groundbait Bowl Small
S/GBL N/A - Nylon Groundbait Bowl Large

Bait Pump

0.5Ltr Capacity bait pump, ideal for preparing expander pellets, and introducing colours and/or flavours.

The lid features a vacuum indicator button that shows when the air has been removed and a month/day indicator to show the age of the contents. The Pump is also ideal for keeping casters fresh.

1. 3/4 Fill the tub with water and add some expander pellets. (If you wish to flavour/colour your pellets, add your chosen flavour/colour at this stage.)
2. Put the lid on, place the pump over the valve and pump until the vacuum indicator button is down flush with the lid. Then release the air after approximately 30 seconds by removing the pump and pulling the valve upwards.
3. Repeat this process several times until all the pellets sink.
4. Once all the pellets have sunk leave them in the water for 15-30 minutes depending on how soft you require your pellets to be.

Meat Cutters

Available in 3 sizes 6mm, 8mm & 10mm they cube meat with ease, giving you perfect regular shaped meat for hooking and feeding with a catapult.

Bagging Bucket

This neat 5 litre tub has a removable tray that clips securely into place and therefore is perfect for preparing a bag mix in the bottom half and storing the pre made PVA bags and rig components in the top compartment. With the two compartments being completely separate it means that a bag mix or pellets can be softened with water or liquids and mixed in the bottom section and this doesn’t come into contact with the top where the PVA is stored.

They also make a great bait system for carrying surface baits or floaters, the free offerings can be kept in the bottom and catapults, surface controllers, hooks, line, forceps and hookbaits can be kept in the top.

It is also a hit with barbel anglers who keep their groundbait and pellets in the bottom of the bucket and hookbaits, baiting tools and feeders in the top compartment for easy access.

Spodding Bucket

This large 16 litre bucket has a removable inner tray that clips into place, perfect for carrying your spod mix in the bottom compartment and a selection of spods or a mixed groundbait to use as a spod plug in the top compartment, it is also a great space to store carp hook baits so making the perfect bucket for a sessions worth of bait.
A handy tip when taking two buckets is to place one on top of the other when spodding so you don’t have to bend down to fill your spod.

Groundbait Mixing Bucket Set.

With all groundbaits it is important to mix them well, leave them for a period of time to absorb the water and then riddle them to make sure the water is evenly distributed, removing any lumps and adding air to the mix. This will make the groundbait consistent in its texture and performance.
Within the set there is the main mixing bucket, an inner bowl which can be used to add water to the mix, for emptying the groundbait into before riddling, and for holding the groundbait when it has been mixed. The riddle is a quality metal one and the lid is made from a wipe clean material which clips into place under the handles and has a zip so you can get to the groundbait inside the bucket. The lid can be closed to keep the sun off the mixed groundbait to prevent it drying out and it also keeps any rain out. Everything can be carried to the swim mixed and ready without the lid falling off.

Sonubaits Towel

Measuring 80cm x 45cm this smart looking towel is ideal for wiping fish slime and groundbait from your hands while on the bank.

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