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24/7 has been eagerly anticipated by carp anglers everywhere.

24/7 Main Image
CODE Description
S247/12 12mm - 24/7 Boilies
S247/15 15mm - 24/7 Boilies
S247/18 18mm - 24/7 Boilies
S247/FP02 2mm - 24/7 Feed Pellets
S247/FP04 4mm - 24/7 Feed Pellets
S247/BM N/A - 24/7 Bag Mix
S247/P12 12mm - 24/7 Pop Ups
S247/P15 15mm - 24/7 Pop Ups
S247/P18 18mm - 24/7 Pop Ups
S247/MP15 15mm - 24/7 Mixed Colour Pop Ups
S247/MW15 15mm - 24/7 Mixed Colour Wafters 15mm
S247/OP15 15mm - 24/7 Oozing Pop Ups
S247/SC15 15mm - 24/7 Super Chods
S247/OIL N/A - 24/7 Oil
S247/GLUG N/A - 24/7 Glug
S247/HDS N/A - 24/7 Hardened Dumbell Small
S247/HDL N/A - 24/7 Hardened Dumbell Large

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After the incredible success of Code Red, 24/7 has been eagerly anticipated by carp anglers everywhere.

Field tested for 5 years before release, a constant tweak of ingredients and flavours has results in carp bait that has already seen countless carp
banked throughout the UK and Europe!

Difficult to pin point the distinctive flavours, yet described as a sweet, creamy, nutty flavour by many, it truly is an all round bait for all seasons
and all times of the day! 

Top quality ingredients revolve around bird seed, milk proteins and nutmeals, all proven fish catchers. Creating a bait of freezer quality, that
you don't have to freeze!

An attractive colour, there is a comprehensive range of products across the 24/7 range.

12mm, 15mm and 18mm Boilies give options to anglers when targeting various waters, each come with appropriate washed out pop ups.
These are well complemented by various pop ups, wafters, Super Chods and Oozers, giving you the choice of hook baits to complement this fish catching range of baits.

Further enhancement is available with related Oils and Glugs, with a bag mix, 2mm and 4mm pellets available to bulk out any spod mix.

Our consultants have had this bait to themselves for too long, its ready to help you put more fish in your net!

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