Frankie Gianoncelli

I am a 23 year old match angler from Brighouse, West Yorkshire. I fish at the highest level of competition match fishing and love nothing more than fishing big events! I fish for the famous Barnsley Black's and have also represented the England under 23 team.

Favourite Sonubaits Products

Supercrush Expander
I use supercrush expander for all of my skimmer/f1 fishing on commercials. I even use the crushed expander on canals and lakes, even rivers! I mix this 50/50 with a sweet mix for skimmers/bream/tench. All the usual bigger bonus fish on natural venues, this ground bait is bang on.

Margin Carp
This mix is perfect for what you need down the edge, a big heavy mix which contains loads of particles to keep the carp munching about. When carp show up down the edge there only there for one reason and that’s to feed! This mix keeps the carp hunting around for particles rather than gill feeding on smaller particles, reducing liners/foul hookers and maximises the effectiveness of a big visual hook bait.


by Frankie Gianoncelli



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