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If you’d read my last blog, you would have seen that I had changed my tactics and decided to fish over a large bed of boilies (20kg to be exact) and it had produced two lovely commons, straightaway. I would have liked to top up the spot with another hit of bait, that morning on leaving, but with two other anglers fishing quite close by, It wouldn’t of been a nice thing to do. This could of possibly affected their fishing, so I decided not too, and to bait the spot when I had the next opportunity.

Up to this point, I have now had 6 fish from the syndicate, so I’m over the moon with how it all going. After all, there’s only 20 fish in the lake and to get 6 bites in the first 4 weeks of obtaining my ticket, I’d caught nearly a third of the stock already.

My tactics have been nothing revolutionary, just observing the fish and choosing the right rigs and baiting method to suit each swim. The fish have now seen a fair bit of Code Red as well as the 24/7 and they do seem to love it. Both of the two commons that I caught, were passing the bait through them (which is the politest way that I can put it) on the mat, so had obviously been well on it.

Work had gone mental, with a big project that I was working on, deadlines looming and as always, when you want to be back at the lake soon as, it all goes wrong. I was working 18-hour days, but knew I just had to get back with a couple of rigs on the baited spot.

After a very long day at work (starting at 8am and finishing a 2.30am) I needed the fresh air of the pit and with my kit all ready to go, I placed it in the car and did the short journey to the lake. The swim was empty, and soon had the rods clipped up using two banksticks to the required distance. New rigs were then placed on each of the rods and pop-ups of Code Red and 24/7 tied on and cast out.

I then clipped up the spod to the correct distance, and deposited around 300 baits on the spot of both the Code Red and 24/7 in 15mm, which has always been my choice when fishing a 16mm pop-up over the top.

It was now 3.30am, and I was shattered. It was a dry morning, so I just unfolded the bedchair and crashed out – I needed some kip!

Just over an hour later, line was being stripped from the right hand rod, and had me stumbling towards it very blurry-eyed. I lifted the rod up and began to play the carp on the other end. It kept low in the water throughout the whole battle and made long lunges, so I could tell it was a good fish that I was connected too.

The swim had a raft of weed no more than 5 yards out where the bottom dropped away, so I kicked off my shoes and waded into the water, there was now way I wanted to loose this fish and netting it, just the other side of the weed, would be an easier and safer option.

She plodded up and down the margin, not gaining much line, but neither was I. A further 5 minutes later after a couple of rolls on the surface, I slipped the net beneath her, and she was all mine!

I took hold of the arms of the landing net and glanced in at my prize, indeed it was a lump and one of the known biggies. Shattered and wet, I couldn’t stop the smile growing across my face as I secured the net and readied the mat and scales.

She was a fair bit down in weight at 33lbs, after spawning, but she still looked magnificent in the early morning light, such a big framed fish, and I’m sure that she will soon be back up to her usual weight by the end of the year.

On releasing her back home, it dawned on me that I had now caught over a third of the stock, in only a few weeks – these fish where certainly loving the two baits that I was introducing.

Keep chasing your dreams,




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