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Carp O Clock

Gary Knowles has been catching a few carp recently. Check out his latest report, here:

"Anyone who knows me understands that Carp aren’t my favourite species, especially in commercials, but every year I take my 78 year old father away for a couple of days and the main objective is to enjoy ourselves, catch a few fish during the day and enjoy a few beers at night!

"With this in mind we returned to Bodddington Reservoir, a prolific carp/match water in Northampton, as I say not really my cup of tea but perfect for what we wanted! We arrived late on Friday afternoon due to a motorway closure on the M6 at Birmingham (nothing new there) so with just a few hours to fish we really needed to chose a spot close to the car park to try and get some quick action. After parking in the car park we walked to the right but having been stood there for about 2 minutes I saw a fish ‘bosh’ out over to the left along the middle of the dam wall, I looked again…another ‘bosh’. Swim selection made!

"I loaded up the Korum barrow with both mine and my fathers tackle and quickly transported the gear into the swim. I chose 2 x 1.5lb Xpert rods with the new Korum 6000 Free Spool reels loaded with 10lb Korum line, purely because these were still made up from my last Tench trip.

"I was hoping to get the fish up in the water to make it more interesting, but decided to start with 2 45g Dura-Method feeders with a short 4” hooklink of 8lb mono and a size 10  Xpert Specimen hook. As nearly everyone on the dam appears to fish pellet I threaded a single 11mm Hali-Hooker Pellet on both rigs, one topped with a Pineapple Oozing Boilie.

"Whilst tackling up I continued to feed about 4-6 11mm halibut pellets every 30 seconds knowing that the 'Plop' of the pellets hitting the water would draw them in, and it sure did, I literally cast out the first rod and before I could set the bobbin, line was being pulled from my fingers and soon a fat double figure carp was in the net.  My second cast had exactly the same result. As I had fed my swim I had also fed my fathers swim who was fishing just a few yards from me and sure enough soon after he had cast in, again with a dura feeder and S-Pellet he was into fish within minutes. After an hour of mad activity my catch rate actually started to slow down, but I knew why, the constant feeding of halibuts had caused this, as it had brought the fish up to the surface and the swirls, boils and flatspots gave away the presence of large numbers of fish fighting aggressively for the freebie pellets. I wound in both feeder rods, simply cut off the feeder and replaced this with a Preston innovations 10g Pellet Waggler, switched the adjustable tip to the black one and tied a size 12 Xpert Power hook to two feet of 0.19mm Preston Innovations Reflo Power and dropped the lot 35 yards out, right over the baited area.

"I reached down to pick up the catapult and when I looked up I could see a large swirl and the X-Pert rod heading out! Fortunately it was resting on my knee and soon, my first ever pellet waggler caught carp of around 12lbs was in the net. I took another 4 or 5 fish to this method before we decided to pack up and grab a couple of beers in our local pub accommodation.

"Although prolific, the dam wall isn’t the comfiest swim for a near 80 year old so we decided to move to the opposite end of the reservoir the following day and to fish in a more relaxing manner. We were also pretty sure there weren’t as many fish up this end so we thought we could enjoy a nice relaxing day catching a few carp before driving home.

"Rather than get the carp up in the water I wanted them on the bottom so instead of the little and often baiting approach of the evening before I decided to spomb a mixture of various sized Sonu pellets, tinned hemp and corn, thickened with Hemp and Hali crush and a good helping of crushed Code Red boilies onto a spot. We set up exactly as we had started the night before with the Dura- Method feeders but this time alternated between, Hali-hookers, Code Red boilies and double 8mm oozing pineapple boilies as hookbaits.

"It took quite a while for the fish to find the feed - about 2 minutes and although the morning started quietly with just the odd couple of fish, by lunchtime we were getting runs every 15 or 20 minutes with the most successful hookbait being double Oozing boilie. I think this is because the carp were feeding without the amount of completion they had on the dam wall and as fish moved over the baited area the visual element combined with the leakage of flavour made these baits the first to be picked up as they entered the swim.

"We packed up around 5pm, totally exhausted with absolutely no idea how many fish we had caught between us - but it was a lot!. Most were between 8 and 12lbs with a scattering of mid-doubles my best going 16lb 8oz.

"Commercials aren’t my favourite venues but it was definitely mission accomplished, my dad went home happy and it was good fun catching loads of fish on simple tactics and quality bait."




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