Fishmeal Groundbait when the water is Cool


Roach fishing can be at its best in February, the water is cool so they shoal up but they still need to feed. On most commercial venues most species respond well to fishmeal groundbaits and roach are no different. I like to mix up some F1 Dark groundbait which has a lovely blend of sweet smelling ingredients mixed with fishmeal and crushed fish pellets. I use chopped worm and caster in with them mix and as hookbaits. I over wet the mix and leave it for about half an hour to absorb the water, I then chop the worm and add it to the mix, this is then mixed thoroughly to allow the worm juice to be absorbed by the groundbait and I then add a handful of casters.

Kick the swim off with two orange sized balls and leave it for a while to let the fish come in over the dark groundbait and then try fishing to it, as the bites start to dry up, top the swim up with a golf ball sized amount of the same groundbait mix, this will keep the roach feeding for longer.




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