Cold Temperatures and the Amount you Feed


With the cold temperatures the amount you feed is key, fish don’t need to eat much as they don’t move far so you need to bear this in mind when fishing.

A great tactic at this time of year is the Banjo Feeder, this creates a nice compact area, not much bigger than the base of the Banjo with the hookbait perfectly in the middle.  The best bait for the banjo is 2mm Fin Perfect Feed Pellets with the addition of Stiki Pellet to help the pellets stay in the feeder through the cast, impact with the water and drop through the water.  For a hookbait you could use corn, bandums or dead maggots.

To prepare the pellets for the Banjo simply add water to your pellets, then sprinkle on some Stiki Pellet and mix it thoroughly and allow the liquid to be absorbed into the pellets, the more Stiki Pellet you add the stickier the pellets will be. The best way to load the feeder is to put a covering of pellets on the base of the Banjo and press it down, then put the hookbait in and add pellets over the top, again pressing them down firmly. Once in the water the pellets will swell up a little and a few will be lifted over the rim of the feeder therefore exposing the hookbait.

A great tactic to employ is to cast around and work the swim, fish don’t move far in cold temperatures and because of this if you work the swim you are likely to drop a bait close to a fish, this may be an area where they have shoaled up or it may just be a solitary fish but by casting every 10 minutes or so you are more likely to come across a fish and you then have the perfectly presented bait.




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