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Tench Success

On a recent trip to Weston Park whilst filming for Avid Carp, I managed to slip the net under three lovely 20s to 28lb, fishing naked Chod rigs on top of the weed and keeping a steady stream of 15mm Code Red going into the area.

I was scattering the bait all over my swim, in a line that lead towards a 'mother load' of bait around each hookbait. I like this baiting pattern and have found it works really well on the weedier lakes. 

Hookbaits were Code Red Super Chods, the ideal hookbait for the situation.




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This 14lb 12oz Tench fell to Dai Gribble while fishing over a bed of  Hemp, F1 Corn and 2mm S-Pellets Chris Ponsford with a bream caught using Bloodworm Groundbait on a Method feeder Ade Kiddell with a River Severn barbel that couldn't resist an 8mm Krill Pellet O! Dai Gribble with a 13lb 3oz Tench 
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