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Winter Campaign Part 2

Winter has now truly taken hold

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we’ve had the first freeze of the lakes and flurries of snow, it’s a time of year were most will either hang up there rods or switch to only fishing days. For me, I don’t have that option. With a busy work schedule and family I don’t fish weekends, that’s family time and choose to fish one or two overnighters a week.

As long as the lake is liquid, I’ll be out on my mid-week overnighter. The cold freezing nights don’t bother me; it’s just a case of being prepared at this time of year. There is enough decent clothing to keep you warm nowadays it’s all about wearing decent layers.

A pretty winter linear.

So far I’ve kept to the same tactics, and kept the Code Red boilies going in to the same spots by using PVA bags cast to them and its been working a treat, as the bites have still been coming.

Another clean 20lb mirror.

As I write this, it’s the middle of January and I have yet to have a blank night on the pit. The feeding activity has definitely slowed down as has the water temperature, but I’m confident that as long as I can keep the bait going in and the carp feeding, I will stand a chance in banking a few more.

It was another chilly night when I arrived in the dark and did a quick lap around the lake, but with no signs of carp I decided to head for the same area that I had caught a couple of 20lb fish from the week before. The rods were soon baited and making there way out to the spots and I set about erecting the brolly for the night ahead.

I awoke to the alarm trying to get my attention; something was attached to the end. I picked the rod up and it took on its battle curve, the carp was trying its best to get to the other side of the lake as quickly as it could. I clamped down on the spool and managed to slow the carps surging run. The battle continued, with the fish making run after run, each time getting shorter and shorter – it felt like a good fish on the other end.

Slowly but surely, I was winning the fight, and soon the carp was heading towards the waiting net.

As I peeled back the folds of the net, my suspicions were confirmed.

Catching any carp in the winter I see as a success, but catching a chunk is mind blowing! I readied the mat, scales and camera equipment and lifted the fish from the water. Once on the mat I peeled back the mesh and my suspicions were confirmed, she was indeed a chunk!

On the scales she went 40lbs 2oz and I felt like I had been truly rewarded for all the hard work and effort that I had put into my winter campaign. All the cold frosty nights, turning up in the dark, and having to pack away sometimes before first light.

A proper winter chunk – all 40lbs 2oz of it.

I still have plenty of winter fishing on the little pit, so hopefully if I keep working hard at it, I can have a little more success.

Until next time,
Paul Moulder



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